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Off Topic Rules

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Off Topic Rules Empty Off Topic Rules

Post by PlayLight Fri May 24, 2019 5:53 pm

The Off Topic forum is for the community to talk about anything that isn't strictly Mini Epoch related (within reason and within the forum rules and guidelines). While we believe in freedom of speech, we also believe in being respectful and polite and we also want to keep this forum relatively interesting and sane, so moderators have complete discretion to remove any topic that they consider to be inappropriate without notice... Be aware, Off topic is really only for light discussion, so if we get complaints about something being offensive, it will be removed - possibly without explanation. This area is to catch up with friends on non-game topics, not a place where people can make inflammatory or offensive topics for "fun" or self-aggrandizement, etc...

In general don't post list topics, count topics, birthday topics, last post wins topics, topics that attack another member (or anyone!) or topics that promote prejudice against any group or groups, and also try to keep topics concise and free of deliberately inflammatory content. Basically, if the topic is not appropriate for a game forum where people as young as 13 hang out then don't post it.

Apart from that, Be Excellent To Each Other!


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